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    • Dimensions: 24" and 32" round

    • 4' Tall

    Dimensions, weight and materials

  • Banquet Halls, Indoor or Outdoor spaces.

    What it's good for?

Cocktail Table Rental

Our cocktail tables can create an elegant ambiance to your event. Linens offered in black and white (please see product below). Special colours can be ordered at an additional cost.

    • Linens offered in black and white. Special colours can be ordered at an additional cost.

    Dimensions, weight and materials

  • Private events, banquet halls and more.

    What it's good for?

Table Linen Rental

Our table linens paired with our cocktail tables can create an elegant ambiance to your event. 

    • Dimensions: 4' Tall by 10' Wide

    • Material: Galvanized steel with PVC coding

    Dimensions, weight and materials

  • Indoor or outdoor spaces.

    What it's good for?

Temporary Fencing Panels 4' Tall / Pedestrian Barricade

Our 4' barricades are great for crowd control, bar management, food vendor management and more.

    • Dimensions: 4' by 8' per panel.

    • Larger stage sizes available upon request.

    Dimensions, weight and materials

  • Private events, banquet halls and more.

    What it's good for?

Platform Risers / Stage Rental

Our 4' by 8' panels can build a stage suitable for your event. Equipped with reversible surface railing, stairs & skirt.


Why choose us

We offer a range of products and services tailored to meet your specific needs, including timely delivery and installation at your chosen location.


Efficiency is assured with the ability to deploy our dedicated team of experienced, on-site staff that will bring your vision to life.

Dedicated Team

We've built an outstanding reputation by bringing structure and efficiency to many events in the GTA and surrounding areas.

Peace of Mind


What event organisers say

"Highly Recommend!!! The Gate 365 helped us take our business to the next level and allowed our platform grow exponentially. For anyone curating an event they work with you and make you feel comfortable in every detail. Fencing , staging, direct marketing and staffing....One stop shop!"

Team Ticketport

"The Gate 365's products and services exceeded our expectations. The mobile box office was efficient and well-designed, making ticketing a breeze. The pedestrian barriers were sturdy and helped manage crowds effectively. The temporary fencing was tall enough to provide security and privacy. The stage platforms were easy to set up and provided a professional look. The shade canopies and umbrellas were a lifesaver, providing relief from the sun for both attendees and staff. Overall, The Gate 365's products and services were top-notch, and we would definitely use them again for future events."

2GetherAs1 Corp

"5 star rating. Work with TheGate365 was an absolute pleasure. Here are some reasons why. T is a mastermind at event development and professionally guided us through various challenges that came up through the production of our event at Fort York park. The company provided a comprehensive suite of resources and equipment that allowed us to centralize production in a way that made logistics easy. The team is easy to work with and is also super flexible. Thanks team for all your help! Can’t wait to work with you again"

Safehouse Group


Festivals & Concerts

Fence Panels

Our Standard 4’or 8' tall panels are professionally engineered for strength and durability.

Mobile Box Office

Set up ticketing or information points exactly where they are needed. Rent mobile box office with us.

Pedestrian Barricades

Manage and control crowds at events such as concerts, festivals, and private events.

Stage Rental

Platforms accommodate various types of events - concerts, speeches, V.I.P areas and more.

Refreshments on Table


10% Off All Spring Bookings

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